Posted on 15/09/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
British animal fire pranks

Firefighters were called to a farm in Yorkshire, UK, May 2020, to save the bacon. The free-range pigs were equipped with pedometers (to prove that they were doing their 10 000 steps to keep in good health). Unfortunately, one pig ate the pedometer from another’s foot (no doubt hoping to improve the flavour of Yorkshire sausage). Nature then took its course, and the combination of battery (digested) and pig-pooh (similarly) set fire to the pigs’ straw. This follows on from an Essex, UK, December 2019, dog which started a fire by turning on a microwave oven in which was stashed a packet of bread rolls. The fire service said the dog was not hurt (although it may have been feeling guilty) and recommended not to use microwaves for food storage. Also in Essex (a county notorious for its impish fauna), a 45-year old tortoise (who should have known better) knocked its heat lamp over on Christmas Day 2019 (too much brandy?) setting fire to its bedding. Firefighters successfully rescued the contrite reptile and underlined that this showed the importance of the smoke alarm which had sounded the alert.

Pig fire Dog fire Tortoise fire

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