Posted on 09/02/2022 in Transport Fire Safety 2021
Bryan Guichard, MCPP

MCPP is a leading materials supplier to the automotive industry for thermoplastic elastomers used in seals, interior parts and wires and cables, as well as supplying consumer electronics and other sector with tailor-designed material solutions. Demand for automotive wires and cables is increasing with extensive electronics in cars, and with electric vehicles. MCPP is looking for new FR solutions, including non-halogenated. Customers are looking for thinner cables, to reduce weight, whilst maintaining performance (e.g. of electrical insulation) and also high dielectric performance data cables at higher frequency. The AMI FRiP conference enables to meet suppliers of a range of materials and of PIN flame retardants.
MCPP belongs to the Polymers Business Unit of Mitsubishi Chemical. The company develops and supplies specialty compounds and polymers worldwide, operating from 35 sites in 17 countries. With Mitsubishi Chemical’s KAITEKI philosophy, MCPP creates innovative solutions globally based on core values of sustainability, health and comfort, striving for the well-being of people, society and our planet Earth. MCPP products are designed for automotive, construction, wire and cable, E&E, packaging, health and medical.

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