Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020

Karen Janssens, Campine, presented an assessment of antimony use as an FR synergist, using the ICL SAFR methodology (see pinfa Newsletter n°79), including testing blooming of antimony in plastics (migration to the surface). In most polymers tested blooming was not detectable (<1 µgSbO3/cm2). In LDPE and PA6 blooming after accelerated ageing, representing 2.5 years room temperature exposure, was < 2,5 µgSb2O3/cm2. For a 55 inch television, this would be 500 000 times lower than the European regulation on Sb2O3 dust and is considered not to pose a significant risk of inhalation. The presence of antimony does not impact bromine blooming. Risk reduction measures for ATO users include using small bags, wetting, non-respirable masterbatches.

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