Posted on 10/01/2022 in Regulatory 2021
Canada consultation on P-ester FRs

Screening risk assessment proposes regulatory action on TEP and IPP (aryl organophosphate FRs) in foams. The draft screening assessment was open for comment and for input of information to 5th January 2022. It covers nine aryl organophosphate (phosphate ester) PIN FRs and one brominated FRs, concluding that five of the P-esters are toxic (under Canada CEPA $64(a), and that of these five, two are persistent and two bioaccumulative. None are PBT. The other four FRs are considered to not meet CEPA $64a criteria. Possible environmental concerns are identified for the aryl P-FRs identified as toxic, in particular in water and soil, and possible health concerns are identified for skin contact with polyurethane foams containing the aryl P-ester FRs IPPP and TEP. Proposed regulatory actions are to minimise releases of aryl P-FRs from industrial processing, to minimise release from consumer products to wastewater and so to the environment and to reduce human exposure from use in foams.

Substances assessed: TPHP (triphenyl phosphate), BPDP (tert- butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate), BDMEPPP (bis(tert- butylphenyl)phenyl phosphate), IDDP (isodecyl diphenyl phosphate), IPPP (isopropylated triphenyl phosphate), TEP (triethylphosphate; Triethyl Phosphate), TBOEP (tris(2- butoxyethyl) phosphate), TEHP (tris(2- ethylhexyl) phosphate), BEHP (bis (2-ethylhexyl phosphate; bis (2- ethylhexyl) hydrogen phosphate), TDBDPB (tetradecabromo- 1,2- diphenoxybenzene; perbromo- 1,4 diphenoxybenzene)
Summary: “Risk management scope for TPHP, BPDP, BDMEPPP, IDDP, IPPP and TEP”, Canada Government, November 2021, consultation open to 5th January 2022
“Publication after screening assessment of 10 substances of the Flame Retardants Group specified on the Domestic Substances List”
Full screening assessment (200 pages

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