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Canada Government assessment of trixylyl phosphate

Canada’s federal Department of the Environment submitted for public consultation (closed 11th September 2019) an assessment of three phosphorus chemicals, including trixylyl phosphate which can be used as a flame retardant in e.g. lubricants, plastics, wires and cables, and two other phosphorus chemicals used in cosmetics and food packaging plastics. Tirxylyl phosphate is labelled cat. 1B reproductive toxicity under EU CLP. The Canada Government assessment concludes that there is “low risk of harm to the environment … not entering the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions that may have an immediate or long-term harmful effect …” and also that for risk to human health “margins are considered adequate to address uncertainties in exposure and health effects …”. It is therefore proposed that no regulatory action be taken on any of the three phosphorus chemicals considered.
For information, the current status of Canada Government assessments and risk management measures for flame retardants are summarised here on one page. This shows five FRs as assessed and found not harmful to health or the environment (tributyl phosphate TBP, antimony trioxide ATO, two TBBPA bis ethers, EBTBP), fourteen FRs found not harmful but with a caution statement, fourteen FRs found harmful (all halogenated) and fifteen FRs currently ongoing evaluation.

“Phosphoric acid derivatives group”, Health Canada, 12th July 2019 and “Draft screening assessment for the phosphoric acid derivatives group”, Canada Gazette, part I, vol. 153, n°28, 13th July 2019
Canada Government summary page of flame retardant assessments “Summary of fame retardant assessments and management conductedunder the Canadian Environmental Protection Act”

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