Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020
Carl Spaeter GmbH

Carl Spaeter supplies different grades of the mineral flame retardant MDH, in particular for cables for different sectors (transport, electrical, construction …), and to applications in construction, such as roofing membranes. Carl Spaeter also offers a range of functional fillers like hollow glass spheres and minerals enhancing heat conductivity. MDH offers inherent advantages of processability and compatibility with Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable formulations. Keys to success are full customer services and competitive total application cost. Carl Spaeter works with customers to define their requirements, both for fire safety and for cable technical performance, and how to optimally achieve these, including both the mineral (PIN) flame retardant, surface coatings, coupling agents to improve cable characteristics and other performance additives. The company sees today increasingly stringent fire resistance requirements, in particular for cables, continuing to be driven by the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) specifications. More demanding requirements can also be expected in the future in automotive applications. These changes mean significant market changes towards more technically demanding formulations for tomorrow’s cables.

Carl Spaeter (Spaeter Duisburg Group) is both Germany’s biggest independent trading company in iron and steel products and a European-level trader in minerals. Carl Spaeter is the exclusive representative in Europe for the company Penoles / Mexico, including a range of flame retardant grades of MDH (magnesium hydroxide) and magnesium oxides.

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