Posted on 29/11/2023 in Regulatory 2023
Cefic industry manifesto for Europe

Cefic has released its manifesto ‘Teaming up for a Climate-Neutral and Competitive Europe’ outlining its key priorities for the new EU institutional cycle. The manifesto emphasises the industry’s commitment to supporting the EU Green Deal and the importance of a legislative environment that facilitates the industry’s transition to 2050. Over five priorities, the chemical industry urges the new European Commission term to address these challenges and create favourable conditions for private sector investments which support Europe’s industrial transformation. The manifesto calls to:

  • Prioritise abundant renewable energy and raw material self sufficiency
  • Scale up renewable carbon and circular carbon feedstocks
  • Make Europe attractive for industry investments
  • Leverage the Single Market for the Transition
  • Make the innovation framework smarter

See also Cefic position on the EU “Transition pathway for the chemical industry”, January 2020, in pinfa Newsletter n°146

“Teaming up for a climate neutral and competitive Europe. Chemical industry’s manifesto for the 2024-2029 legislative term”, July 2023

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