Posted on 21/01/2020 in Furniture & Textiles 2020
Ceramifying polymer coating

Finnester Coatings has launched a fire protection coating HybridRED which offers external weather resistance, low smoke and toxicity, fire performance and exceptional aesthetic quality. This is the first composite coating to combine all of these properties. It is applied like a paint and is based on proprietary ceramifying polymer, which produce a nearly non-combustible protection in fire. To improve heat protection of substrate, it can be combined with an intumescent, with only a slight resulting reduction in the gloss appearance. HybridRED has been selected for fire-safing of a railway footbridge in the UK, as it was able to achieve protection against surface spread of flame, low smoke and toxicity, and durability outdoors. See also pinfa Newsletter n°67.

“HybridRED makes FRP footbridge over railway fire resistant”, 14/10/2019 “Composite coating creates fire resistance for decorative outdoor applications” 3/10/2019

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