Posted on 21/09/2021 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2021
Changes to CLP and new hazard classes

EU consultations are open on chemicals labelling (CLP): digital labelling, additional information, new hazard classes.
A ‘Roadmap’ consultation, open to 20 September 2021, addressed digital label and information tools and possibly adding new, or removing, information requirements. Input is in the form of free comments (e.g. short online comments and/or PDF document) on the proposed three page ‘Roadmap’ outlining context and objectives.
A public consultation questionnaire, open to 15 November 2021 proposes possible new hazard classifications of endocrine disruptor with human health effects, endocrine disruptor with environmental effects, PBT (persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic), PMT (persistent, mobile and toxic). This consultation is a structured questionnaire, with tick-box answers and possibilities to add comments and submit additional information, and also addresses the impact of these proposed new hazard classifications on chemicals management, expected number of chemicals to be concerned, proposed definitions for these new hazards. The questionnaire also addresses animal testing, data adequacy or need for further testing and research, possible extension of scope of CLP (e.g. to food additives, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics) and aspects of functioning and harmonisation of hazard labelling.

EU public consultation (questionnaire for general public and for experts/operators) open to 15 November 2021: “Revision of EU legislation on hazard classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals”

EU public ‘Roadmap’ consultation open to 20 September 2021 “Chemicals – simplification and digitalisation of labelling requirements”

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