Posted on 19/10/2022 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction Fire Safety 2022
Changsa China skyscraper façade fire

One side of the 42-storey China Telecom building rapidly engulfed in flame in presumed façade cladding fire. Media reports suggest that the cause may have been a fault in an aircon unit or lighting. Official media indicate no casualties and that the fire was rapidly brought under control. Videos online show the fire spreading from near the bottom of the building, with much black smoke, but maybe it simply burnt itself out by consuming all the flammable external material. The fire is seen covering the whole of one side of the 42-storey building, but does not spread to the adjacent sides. Authorities report no casualties. Media have suggested the cause may have been an air conditioning system. External cladding systems have recently been banned or restricted on tall buildings in a number of Chinese cities, including Shanghai, but this may be related to risk of falling materials not to fire.

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