Posted on 27/07/2021 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2021
Chemical Ingredient Disclosure

Over 100 companies and organisations have defined and endorsed six principles for access to information on chemicals. The principles have been developed by a stakeholder coalition, led by Clean Production Action (CPA), over the last 18 months, and other companies and organisations are now invited to sign up to endorse here. The principles are: disclosure of all deliberately added chemicals (unless Confidential Business Information), disclosure of breakdown products etc. if of concern, supply chain engagement, facilitate communication of information, promote filling of chemical data gaps, support policies which advance these principles. Signatory companies to date are mainly in the consumer product, cosmetic and health sectors, as well as investment funds.

“Principles for Chemical Ingredient Disclosure”, BizNGO Webinar on Chemical Ingredient Disclosure Principles 14 July, with CPA, Interstate Chemicals Clearing House (IC2), Reckitt Benckiser, California Dept. Toxic Substances Control and others

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