Posted on 27/07/2021 in Fire Safety 2021
ChemSec on “Essential Use”

NGO ChemSec says hazardous chemicals must disappear if their function, even if important, can be achieved otherwise. The environmental organisation proposes a five-question process to identify “Essential Use” of hazardous chemicals, suggesting that any use of hazardous chemicals in products such as toys, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, personal care is non-essential because the function can be achieved otherwise. The NGO considers that a hazardous chemical is “Essential Use” only if used in categories such as medical devices, transport or communication, and only if essential for the functioning of the product, and only if there are no alternative chemicals or non-chemical routes to achieve the required function. ChemSec considers that the analysis must start by assessing the use of the product in society, and not the chemical’s function in the product.

ChemSec position June 2021 “Let’s not mix apples and oranges when it comes to essential use. When is it justified to use very hazardous chemicals?” Webinar, 24th June 2021

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