Posted on 20/06/2022 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2022
China announces tighter chemical safety

New Pollutants Control Action Plan will drive chemical data, assessment and regulation over the coming three years. The new Government Plan, published May 2022, will go considerably further than the current lists of priority controlled chemicals published in China, which include partial or total bans on four halogenated flame retardants (HBCD, DecaBDE, SCCPs, DechloranePlus). The new Plan aims to complete national data collection on chemicals by end 2023, complete risk screening of high concern and high volume chemicals, publish a list of new pollutants subject to priority controls before end 2022, publish a dynamic inventory of new pollutants before end 2025, implement risk control measures (restrictions, emissions limits) and establish a new regulatory framework for chemicals and for environmental management of toxic and hazardous substances. The China Ministry for Ecology and Environment (MEE) has indicated four types of new pollutants of concern: POPs, endocrine disruptors, antibiotics and microplastics.

“China publishes final version of new pollutants action plan” ChemicalWatch 25th May 2022
China New Pollutant Control Action Plan (MEE), in Chinese

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