Posted on 20/06/2022 in Electric & Electronic 2022
China further tightens battery standards

China announces update of Lithium Ion battery technology standards. This follows new standards for EVs in 2021. From 1st January 2021, three new standards are applicable in China: GB 18384-2020 Safety Requirements for Electric Vehicles (includes battery fault alarm requirements, vehicle waterproofing, battery insulation and electrical safety), GB 38032-2020 Safety Requirements for Electric Passenger Cars (collision protection of batteries in vehicles, charging systems, fire resistance requirements for high-voltage components) and GB 38031-2020 Safety Requirements for Power Storage Battery for Electric Vehicles (battery cell, module and cover safety requirements, including mechanical and fire resistance). China also has conditions applicable to companies manufacturing lithium ion batteries in China: % of turnover spent on R&D, monitoring of uniformity of electrodes in manufacturing, capacity to test battery faults and resistance after battery assembly, etc. In December 2021, China announced revision of its lithium ion battery standards, with the aim of promoting technological progress in industry.

“Strategies to meet new safety standards for electric vehicle batteries in China” 17th June 2021
“China issues a new industry standard for lithium-ion batteries”, 11 December 2021

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