Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020

Christian Battenberg, Clariant, presented innovations in phosphorus-based PIN flame retardants for demanding applications in E&E and transport. Clariant offers P-FRs for a wide range of plastics, with strong development in reactive FRs for thermosets, new liquid formulations for improved processing, but also intumescent coatings and thermoplastics. For example, an epoxy formulation with 3% P-content, containing a reactive liquid P-FR (no particles) offering very low viscosity and high transparency. Tomorrow’s FR formulation challenges include low weight objectives for transport applications, complex composites (such as flexible circuit boards) and high fire safety foams for aviation, railway, maritime, automobile and melamine-free upholstered furniture. Non-halogen formulations are necessary to achieve smoke emission and smoke toxicity objectives. Specific solutions presented include a reactive P-FR plus synergists package for polyurethane foams for railway application (EN 45545-2), and optimised APP (ammonium poly phosphate) containing systems using synergists to achieve MARHE HL2 and HL3 in epoxy for railways with lower smoke than the neat polymer. Clariant is also developing a range of recycled carbon FRs with NESTE, using hydrocarbons from discarded cooking oils.

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