Posted on 08/03/2023 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2023
Consultation on Ecodesign to 25th April

EU roadmap consultation on which products and aspects should be priorities for fixing EcoDesign criteria under ESPR (EcoDesign for Sustainable Products Regulation). The Commission is looking for input on which products or horizontal measures should be priorities for defining criteria, what product environmental and circularity aspects can be improved and how ESPR criteria can be technically feasible and implemented through the value chain. Proposed horizontal measures are: Durability, Recyclability, Post-Consumer Recycled Content. Proposed priority products are: Textiles & Footwear, Furniture, Ceramic Products, Tyres, Detergents, Bed Mattresses, Lubricants, Paints & Varnishes, Cosmetic Products, Toys, Fishing Nets & Gears, Absorbent Hygiene Products, Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Aluminium, Chemicals, Plastic & Polymers, Paper, Pulp Paper & Boards, Glass.

“New product priorities for Ecodesign for Sustainable Products”, EU consultation open to 25th April 2023, input = free text of up to 4000 characters plus upload document

European Commission page “Ecodesign for sustainable products”

Image: European Commission

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