Posted on 24/03/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
Consultation on International Fire Safety Standard

The International Fire Safety Standards (IFFS) Coalition has published a “Draft International Standard: International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) – Common Principles – Safe Buildings Save Lives” . The consultation is open to 23rd March 2020. The proposal aims to define a common framework for fire safety engineering design, construction, occupation and ongoing management. It also addresses safety gaps in processes and in practices, and the implementation of fire safety standards across the world. The IFFS coalition includes housing associations, architects’ organisations, fire protection associations, the World Bank, Underwriters Laboratories and the United Nations. The proposed Common Principles document covers fire prevention (fire outbreak, ignition, fuel sources), communication, containment (limiting fire and its consequences, including smoke), escape, extinguishment. Under prevention the document cites “Installation of materials and contents (fire/ignition resistance)” and under containment, it specifies: “selection of materials and contents (fire resistance and growth) and linings (surface spread of flame and reaction to fire characteristics)”

IFFS (International Standards for Fire Safety in Buildings” home page
IFFS consultation to 23rd March 2020 on “Draft International Standard: International Fire Safety Standards (IFSS) – Common Principles” (49 pages)

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