Posted on 02/03/2021 in Furniture & Textiles 2021
Cyclotriphosphazene durable textile FRs

New phosphorus-based PIN FRs developed by DTNW for textiles show wash resistance. Cyclophosphazenes and their derivatives (CPZs) are heterocycle 6-atom rings with alternating P and N atoms with six attached reactive groups. They are versatile chemical building blocks for multifunctional materials. The German Government innovation project AiF-IGF No. 19739 N developed new water-soluble and durable cyclophosphazene PIN flame retardants. Textiles (cotton, wool, cotton/polyester and cotton/polyamide) finished with the new FR (at 15-20 % (w/w)) showed LOI values between 27 and 40 %, depending on the reactive groups used. Fire testing showed results compatible with use in building applications (DIN 4102-B2) and in fire-protective clothes (DIN EN 15025). Fire performance was maintained after 10 home laundry cycles @ 80 °C.

“Cyclophosphazene als umweltfreundliche halogenfreie permanente Flammschutzausrüstung textiler Materialien” DTNW 2021 and report

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