Posted on 14/01/2020 in 2020
De Monchy International

De Monchy centres on providing quality products to customers, ensuring high levels consistent over coming years. Sustainability is a priority for the company, which is moving away from brominated FRs with a developing offer of ‘green’ and non-toxic FRs. De Monchy is unique distributor in Europe for the phosphorus chemical company Presafer, China, whose objective is to become the world’s leading supplier of HFFR APP (ammonium poly phosphate). De Monchy has its own technical expertise, working on synergists and formulations which enable lower FR loadings and improve product material performance. De Monchy has also developed low-dust FR solutions, to improve health and safety in handling and processing. The company is also developing FR solutions for specific challenges such as transparency and long lasting pot life for coatings.

De Monchy is a family owned distributor and trading company based in The Netherlands, with 35 staff and activities in several sectors, including distribution of polymers and of plastics additives in Europe and worldwide. De Monchy’s flame retardant offer includes FRs for polyamides, polyolefins and other formulations, flame retardant polystyrenes, intumescent coatings, sealants, composites.

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