Posted on 24/06/2021 in Regulatory 2021
Degradation products of TPP (TPHP).

Degradation of the phosphate ester FR triphenyl phosphate (generally abbreviated as TPP, here as TPHP) were studied in experiments with green microalgae, invertebrates and fish, at exposure 100 µg/l (below the NOEC). 29 biotransformation products were identified, in particular diphenyl phosphate (hydrolysis product). Most of the decomposition products were predicted (using the ECOSAR model) to be less toxic than TPP itself, corresponding to biogenic “detoxification”. However, 4 decomposition products were predicted to be more toxic than TPP with possible chronic effects.

“Identification of biotransformation products of organophosphate ester from various aquatic species by suspect and non-target screening approach”, Y. Choi et al., Water Research 2021

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