Posted on 07/03/2022 in Fire Safety 2022
Demand for PIN FRs expected to grow

New market studies predict ongoing growth in global demand for flame retardants, especially PIN FRs, driven by fire safety, increased used of polymers and other flammable materials, and environmental and recycling requirements. Estimates for growth seem to be similar, or slightly higher than market studies appearing pre-Covid, but also show varying numbers between different studies, possibly resulting from different definitions of what is covered.

FutureMarketInsights (April 2022) expect 7.1% annual growth of the global FR market from 2022 to 2032, driven by fire safety regulation, especially in electrical and electronics, transport and construction.
GrandviewResearch (Nov. 2021) expect 8.0% growth of the world FR market, to reach 13 billion US$ in 2028, with aluminium hydroxide (ATH) as the largest PIN FR by both volume and revenue.
VerifiedMarketResearch (Feb. 2022) expect the global FR market to grow 9.8% annually to 29 US$ billion in 2028.
MarketsAndResearch (Jan. 2022) predict 6.5% annual growth for non-halogenated FRs worldwide, to reach 7.4 billion US$ by 2028, with phosphorus FRs showing the highest value share.
TheMarketReports (Dec. 2021) predicts 6.8% growth of the global non-halogenated FR market, to reach 6.9 billion US$ by 2027.
AxiomMRC predict 6.4% annual growth for the PIN FR market worldwide 2021 – 2027, driven by increasing polymer use in electronics, construction, textiles and transport.
DataBridge (Jan. 2021) predict annual growth of 8.9% for non-halogenated FRs from 2021 to 2018, to reach 9.8 billion US$ in 2028, driven by regulations against halogenated FRs, increasing use of polymers especially in automotive, growth of electronics, tightening of fire safety regulations and improved polymers.

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