Posted on 28/05/2024 in Electric & Electronic 2024
Demonstration video: cable fire safety

Flame test video by Europacable, compares dangers of non-fire safe cable to fire safe cable. Europacable is the European cable manufacturers’ federation, with members including the largest cable producers in the world as well as specialised medium and small companies. In the video flame test, PIN flame retardant cable shows no smoke, does not release acid gas, provides more time to escape, ensures a less hazardous environment for rescue teams. A six-page guide to understanding EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) class labelling and certification for cables is also provided, explaining Performance Classes, additional classifications (smoke, flaming droplets, acidity), product certification and Notified Bodies.

“Have you ever seen a cable burning?”, fire demonstration video,(1 minute)  “Understanding CPR Cable Classes and certification”, 6 pages

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