Posted on 06/07/2020 in Building & Construction 2020
Developing new EU façade fire test

Ri.Se leads EU-funded project to finalise new approach to fire testing of building cladding systems, rainscreens, ETICs and wooden façades. A consortium with Ri.Se, Efectis, BAM, EMI and Uni Liège won the EU tender and the project will run for two years to March 2022. Stakeholder participation is invited to provide cladding system samples and/or to input on systems to be tested and review and comment results as the project develops. The objective is to finalise the fire test methodology outlined already in the report “Development of a European approach to assess the fire performance of façade” (published by the EU in 2018), see pinfa Newsletter n°95, and to propose classifications for adoption as CEN harmonised standards, for European Assessment Documents (EOTA) and for the Construction Products Regulation.

“Finalisation of the European approach to assess the fire performance of facades” website including introductory webinar and invitation to participate for stakeholders.

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