Posted on 30/04/2021 in Transport 2021
Developing PIN FR for expanded foam parts

Unipetrol is working on low-migration, halogen- and antimony-free fire safety in lightweight automotive foamed parts. Expanded foamed polymer parts (e.g. polypropylene) combine reduced materials consumption, weight savings and mechanical performance but pose flammability challenges. Unipetrol (Orlen Unipetrol Group, Czech Republic) considers that current halogenated and antimony FR solutions will decline as manufacturers push for PIN FR solutions with preferable environmental and toxicity profiles. A combination of synergist PIN additives has been tested which achieves fire performance HF-1 and VTM-0 (80 – 100 mm/min), with low migration and good foaming and film stretching compatibility at loadings up to 30%. Further work is underway to reduce flammable drips.

“Halogen-free flame retardants for foamed PP parts and film”, Compounding World, December 2020

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