Posted on 19/06/2024 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety
Developments in EV materials testing

Ken Vessey, UL Solutions, summarised challenges and perspectives for EV polymer materials and battery fire testing. Weight reduction is important to the critical objective of EV innovation today, which is to extend vehicle range. Polymer-based composites enable lightweighting, but must contain battery hazards, in particular thermal runaway. This requires resistance to fire and temperature, but also to mechanical impacts, pressure, particle abrasion during offgasing. The webinar presentation covered existing UL tests and new developments underway, including test methods recognised by the automotive industry, and screening tests for material development. These include UL 2580 comprehensive evaluation of EV batteries, UL 746C for batteries for portable and fixed equipment, UL 2596 battery enclosure material screening.

pinfa-NA’s 9th Lunch and Learn webinar, Wed. 29th May. pinfa-NA webinars are available for free replay at

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