Posted on 21/09/2021 in Building & Construction Fire Safety 2021
Durable PIN FR fire treatment for timber

Södra’s non-halogen wood treatment protects from ignition up to 260°C without surface treatment. This means the natural grain of different woods, such as cedar, larch or pine, can remain visible in building interiors (C260) and exteriors (C260 Xterior), or can be painted. The treatments, by Woodsafe Sweden under high-pressure vacuum, embeds PIN flame retardant into the timber fibres, so ensuring wash and weather durability. Fire protection is CE-certified to EN 16755 class INT2 or class EXT and EN 13501-1 Euroclass B-s1-d0 and B-s2-d0, EN 13501-2 Covering K210/B-s1-d0 and K110/B-s1-d0. Applications include balconies, structural timber, decorations, wall and ceiling claddings and sound-absorbing claddings including in public buildings and sustainable timber buildings. Södra is a leader in forest products, based in Sweden, with over 3 000 staff and 53 000 forest owners, supplying innovative and sustainable markets wordwide.

“Södra diversifies flame retardant treated range”, 2 December 2020
Södra “Flame retardant treated timber” 11/2020—final.pdf

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