Posted on 21/11/2022 in Transport Fire Safety 2022
E-scooter fire kills eight

Fire in e-scooter spreading to others in a showroom causes fire and smoke killing 8 guests in hotel.  CCTV video shows an explosion in an e-scooter in a showroom in Secunderabad, Hyderabad, India, on the evening of 12th September. The showroom was closed. The fire is said to have rapidly spread to other e-scooters (photos show 10 – 15 burnt e-scooters), releasing  “fire, smoke, chemicals and toxic gases”. Smoke and flame spread into the five storey Ruby Luxury Pride Lodge hotel, in the building above the showroom (25 guests present at the time), killing 8 people (killed by smoke) and a further 9 hospitalised. The owners of the  hotel and of the e-scooter showroom have been arrested, accused of operating the e-scooter showroom without permits. India intends to replace 80% of motorised scooter sales by e-scooters by 2030 and already launched an investigation into safety in March this year following a number of e-scooter fires, suggesting that faulty battery cells are the main cause of fires.

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