Posted on 24/03/2021 in Building & Construction Recycling 2021
Eastman announce polyester recycling plant

100 000 t/y of waste polymers will be broken down by methanolysis to chemical building blocks for new quality plastics. The new 250 million US$ plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, is expected be completed in 2022 and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-30% compared to plastics production from oil. Input materials will be end-of-life polyester, such as carpets, and polyethylene terephthalate packaging. Eastman already markets a copolyester containing up to 50% recycled content from the company’s recycling technologies. Flame retardants and other additives are generally not an obstacle to chemical recycling processes.

“Eastman invests in methanolysis plant in Kingsport, Tennessee”, 1 February 2021

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