Posted on 17/04/2024 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2024
ECHA mandate for further work on FRs

The European Commission has clarified investigations ECHA should undertake in 2024 on flame retardants. This follows publication of the ECHA Regulatory Strategy for Flame Retardants (European Chemicals Agency, March 2023, see pinfa Newsletter n°147). The letter to ECHA, signed by DG GROW and DG Environment, requests a report by end 2024, to provide further information on FRs, in particular aromatic brominated FRs. This should include an assessment of whether these could fulfil PBT/vPvB criteria, in order to support a Commission decision of whether preparation of a restriction dossier is required and if so on its scope. ECHA shall also gather information on applications of these FRs and on alternative FRs or technologies which can be used for these applications. To support the Commission in determining other possible future regulatory action, ECHA is also asked to close information gaps on other flame retardants, to collect information on FRs not covered in the 2023 FR Strategy report (e.g. inorganic FRs), to collect data on emissions of FRs and on possibilities to differentiate waste streams containing polymeric or additive FRs. Following this mandate, ECHA made a public call for evidence and information on aromatic brominated FRs (closed 5th April, see pinfa Newsletter n°158). A second call for information on alternatives to aromatic brominated FRs is expected soon.

“Request to the European Chemicals Agency to prepare an investigation report to gather further information on flame retardants”, Ref. Ares(2023)8848287 – 22/12/2023

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