Posted on 08/07/2022 in Fire Safety 2022

This pinfa Newsletter summarises ECOFRAM 2022, the third International Conference on Eco-Friendly Flame Retardant Additives and Materials, Alès, France, 17-18 May 2022 (postponed from 2020 because of Covid).
ECOFRAM addresses flame retardant solutions for bio-based polymers, fire safety and environmental impacts and smoke toxicity of flame retardants, and bio-based or naturally sourced flame retardants.
The first ECOFRAM conference (2016) is summarised in pinfa Newsletter n°65 and the 2nd ECOFRAM (2018) in pinfa Newsletter n°91. Over 90 researchers, companies and experts met at ECOFRAM 2022 (a 25% increase from 2018), from 11 countries.
Most of the presentations at ECOFRAM showed research-testing of bio-based materials as PIN flame retardants or synergists, or of bio-based fibres in polymer compound applications, and the conference also attracted a number of companies, indicating industry interest in the future potential of bio-based materials. A key challenge for bio-based materials, as well as industrial aspects such as reliable supply and quality, is that they are generally hydrophilic, resulting in difficulties of compatibility, dispersion and interface with polymers, and water uptake during product lifetime and weathering, potentially resulting in deterioration of electrical or mechanical performance, or degradation of the polymer matrix.

The next ECOFRAM will take place in 2024 in Valencia, Spain, organised by AIMPLAS.
ECOFRAM 2022 was organised by IMT Mines Alès, University of Montpellier, Engineering School of Chemistry of Montpellier (ENSCM) and Société Chimique de France (SCF).
Selected papers will be published in a special edition in the Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology.

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