Posted on 28/05/2021 in Building & Construction 2021
Ecolabel / GPP for photovoltaic systems

EU (JRC) report on PV notes the need for fire safety of cables and panel backings and the availability of acceptable PIN FRs. The European Commission (JRC) preparatory report on possible Ecolabel and/or Green Public Purchasing criteria for photovoltaics notes that some existing warranty systems require fire classification of cables and panel backings and reporting of halogen content, and that FRs are relevant for internal electrical components for inverters and junction boxes. The report cites pinfa in identifying alternatives to chlorinated materials or brominated FRs. It also points to six specific PIN FRs which are already ‘derogated for use’ in other EU Ecolabels (DOPO, aryl alkylphosphinate, MDH+zinc, ATH+zinc, BABDP).

“Solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and systems: options and feasibility of EU Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement criteria”, preliminary report, European Commission (JRC), 2021

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