Posted on 28/05/2024 in Electric & Electronic Regulatory 2024
Electronics industry criticises ecotax

Organisations say Sweden’s ecotax on FRs and chemicals in electronics is unfair, ineffective, economically damaging. Four Swedish electronics, technology and games industry federations, in a 35-page joint report, say the tax has nearly doubled since 2022 (+71%) despite claiming not be intended to collect revenue, resulting in significant price increases in Sweden (+ 60 € on a low-price TV). This results in purchases moving abroad and reduced competitiveness. The tax is ineffective in driving chemical selection, as Sweden is not a significant market for global electronics production, and can be counter-productive by inciting regrettable substitution and by penalising re-use (second-hand electronics are also taxed). The industries call instead to accelerate the phase-out or restriction of hazardous chemicals in electronics products at the international or EU level.

“Den ohållbara Elektronikskatten” (The unsustainable electronics tax. How it affects the environment, the consumer and the economy), Elektronik Branschen; Tknikföretagen, Datspelsbranschen, TechScerige, 22nd April 2024,

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