Posted on 27/06/2023 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety Regulatory 2023
Electronics industry position on FRs

DIGITALEUROPE says FRs “provide essential fire protection” and prefer RoHS to REACH for regulation of FRs in electronics. The European digital industry federation (representing over 45 000 businesses) position on the ECHA regulatory strategy on flame retardants (see pinfa Newsletter n°147) “welcomes the balanced phased approach to addressing specific groups of FRs … focus on ensuring that the appropriate safe chemistry is used – the right FR for the right use”. The position underlines that FRs are “essential for electronics safety”, particularly by stopping small ignition events becoming larger fires. DIGITALEUROPE recommends that FR regulation should be sector-specific and that the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Regulation would be a better tool than REACH for the electronics sector, because it has proven effectiveness (high compliances), allows for repair-as-produced (circular economy) and manages time-limited exceptions. DIGITALEUROPE recommends to define under RoHS thresholds and chemical identifiers for FRs to be restricted.

“DIGITALEUROPE views on upcoming proposal for EU REACH restriction of flame retardants”, May 2023

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