Posted on 21/07/2019 in Fire Safety 2019
EU building recommendations point to fire safety

The European Commission has published in the Official Journal a “Recommendation … on building renovation” pointing to the importance of fire safety. The Recommendation addresses implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD, 2018/844 amending 2010/31/EU), see pinfa Newsletter n°93). This Directive requires EU Member States to adopt a Long-Term Renovation Strategy for the national stock of public and private, residential and non-residential buildings and states in art. 2(a)7 “Each Member State may use its long-term renovation strategy to address fire safety …” and in art.7 that “Member States shall encourage, in relation to buildings undergoing major renovation, … fire safety …”. The Recommendation specifically cites ventilation and sprinkler systems, smoke detectors and fire prevention policies (such as fire safety inspections, awareness raising). It also points to the EU Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP, see pinfa Newsletter n°99).

Update of EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, 2018/844, 30th May 2018
European Commission Recommendation 2019/786 of 8 May 2019 on building recommendation C(2019)3352

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