Posted on 20/03/2024 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2024
EU consultation: aromatic brominated FRs

To 5th April: ECHA public call for evidence and information on aromatic brominated flame retardants. This initiates implementation of the ECHA Regulatory Strategy for Flame Retardants (European Chemicals Agency, March 2023, see pinfa Newsletter n°147) which also identifies most PIN flame retardants as low hazard – no regulatory action needed now (e.g. mineral, nitrogen, inorganic phosphate and several types of organo-phosphorus FR) and recommends further data collection and assessment of some organo-phosphorus FRs. This ECHA public call for evidence is requesting information on uses of aromatic brominated FRs (in which sectors and end-uses, which polymers and at what doses?) volumes used, losses to the environment and end-of-life. ECHA identifies 50 concerned brominated FRs and indicates that information on other FRs will also be collated. The data collected will support the Commission decision on whether or not to request ECHA to prepare a restriction dossier on aromatic brominated FRs. It is stated that a second consultation will be launched soon on alternatives to aromatic brominated FRs. pinfa has started preparing information on PIN FR alternatives to input to this second consultation.

ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) public consultation “Call for evidence on aromatic brominated flame retardants”, open to 5th April 2024.

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