Posted on 10/01/2022 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2021
EU consultation on digital chemical labelling

Public and stakeholder questionnaire on how to provide online information, via labels, to consumers for chemical products such as, detergents, fertilisers and “chemical products, such as glues, paints, solvents, lamp oils”. Open to 16th February 2022. The proposal specifically addresses the Fertilising Products Regulation and the Detergents Regulation, and could also impact the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures). The consultation questionnaire collects general information about motivation for looking for information, what IT routes would be preferred for information, demand for more detail or updates, and some questions on specific possible information for different product families. The consultation does not concern chemicals in other consumer products, nor sale of chemicals to professionals. However, conclusions on digital labelling for detergents and fertilising products may possibly be extended to other product types in the future.

EU public consultation open to 16th February 2022 “Chemicals – simplification and digitalisation of labelling requirements”

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