Posted on 20/03/2024 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2024
EU consultation on melamine

To 5th April: ECHA consultation on inclusion of melamine in REACH Annex XIV (Authorisation List). If a chemical is on the Authorisation list, then any company wishing to use it (for specified uses/conditions and after a specified “sunset” date) must obtain case-by-case authorisation from the European Commission. ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) is looking for additional information on uses of melamine, on the supply chain, on possible exemptions from Authorisation and on socio-impacts of inclusion on the Authorisation list. The proposed Authorisation would concern uses of melamine uses > 10 000 t/y “as additive in foams and coatings, use in resins”. It is pinfa’s understanding that this would concern use of melamine as such in intumescent fire protective coatings and in polymers, but would not concern production or use of melamine derived compounds as PIN flame retardants (e.g. melamine phosphate, melamine cyanurate, melamine polyphosphate, melamine-poly(zinc phosphate), melamine pyrophosphate, melamine cyanurate).

For further information, see pinfa Q&A on melamine-based flame retardants. – EMPA (European Melamine Producers Association) information on regulatory status of melamine and EMPA Q&A EMPA Q&A for clarification:

ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) “Consultation on draft recommendation for inclusion in the Authorisation list”, public consultation open to 5th April 2024. The consultation also concerns possible Authorisation of four other chemicals.

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