Posted on 30/10/2019 in 2019
EU consultation on POPs

The European Commission has opened a public consultation, to 11th November 2019, on the EU Implementation Plan under the Stockholm Convention (POPs – Persistent Organic Pollutants). The European Commission’s accompanying document reminds that the proposed update to this Plan includes adding DecaBDE (now recognised as POP) and modifying requirements for other halogenated FRs listed in the Stockholm Convention (certain other PBDEs, HBCDD, short chain chlorinated paraffins). The consultation asks the public and stakeholder for input on “old”, “new” and “emerging”, including “unintentional” and “in waste”. Specific questions address, inter alia: alternatives, data on and identification of the brominated flame retardants HBCDD and “POP-PBDEs” (now identified to be POP), how to minimise dioxin emissions in dealing with PBDE-containing materials.

“Public consultation on the Union Implementation Plan under the Stockholm Convention 2019”, open to 11th November 2019

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