Posted on 15/09/2020 in Regulatory 2020
EU GPP criteria exclude halogens

New Green Public Purchasing (GPP) for printers exclude all halogenated polymers and halogenated flame retardants. GPP criteria are “voluntary”, but can be used by public bodies to justify tendering criteria with full legal security. The new criteria concern “Imaging equipment” (in effect, printers), consumable for printers and print services. The Technical Specification TS12 “Hazardous substances content” specifies that “Halogenated polymers and halogenated organic compounds for their use as flame retardants are not permitted” (except for parts < 25g and “special parts located close to heating and fuser elements”. Even for these exceptions, the brominated FRs PBBs, PBDEs and chlorinated paraffins are specifically excluded.

EU Green Public Purchasing (GPP) criteria
SWD(2020) 148 final “EU green public procurement criteria for imaging equipment, consumables and print services”, 27th July 2020 – on the above page.
Note that an EU public consultation on proposed Green Public Purchasing criteria (GPP) for computers and monitors was open to 14th August 2020, also proposing (in TS5) a comparable and coherent exclusion of halogenated substances.

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