Posted on 14/02/2024 in Regulatory 2024
EU One Substance – One Assessment

The European Commission has adopted three acts to streamline chemicals assessment, data bases and monitoring. The changes aim to ensure transparency of scientific studies commissioned by authorities and by companies, to collect human biomonitoring data (results of measurements of chemicals in human blood, urine or milk), strengthen cooperation between relevant European agencies (European Chemicals Agency ECHA, European Food Safety Authority, European Environment Agency, European Medicines Agency), enable transfer of knowledge between different product legislations and establish a common data platform (subsuming existing platforms).

European Commission press release 7th December 2023 “‘One substance, one assessment’ chemicals assessment reform”

Proposal for a Regulation establishing a common data platform on chemicals:

Proposal for a Regulation on the re-attribution of scientific and technical tasks and improving cooperation among Union agencies in the area of chemicals

Proposal for a Directive on the re-attribution of scientific and technical tasks to the European Chemicals Agency

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