Posted on 19/06/2024 in Electric & Electronic Fire Safety Regulatory 2024
EU survey on computer Ecodesign

Public questionnaire open to 18th July on user wishes for computer energy performance, repairability and durability. The EU Ecodesign Regulation defines mandatory product specification on energy efficiency, repairability (design, parts supply) and use of materials (Critical Raw Materials) and chemicals. Criteria for computers include batteries for laptops and power supplies. The current computer Ecodesign Regulation criteria (2014) are considered as needing updating to reflect developments in computer power, design and uses. The EU survey questionnaire addresses user purchase choices, ecodesign priorities, repair and end-of-life disposal. In addition to the questionnaire, position papers can be submitted. pinfa will submit a position underlining the impact of fire on the environment, and so the need to ensure fire resistance, the role of flame retardants in ensuring this, and the availability of PIN FRs with safe health and environment profiles.

EU public and stakeholder survey, open to 18th July 2024 “Ecodesign requirements for computers – review”

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