Posted on 24/03/2020 in Furniture & Textiles 2020
EU textiles BREF open for comment

The EU BAT BREF document (best available techniques reference document) for the Textiles Industry is open for comment (see below). The “BAT Conclusions” of BREF documents become mandatory for all concerned installations across Europe. The draft BAT Conclusions specify (BAT 49) that inherently flame retardant textiles should be preferred but that if this is not applicable, flame retardants should be selected taking into account their risks, in particular persistence and toxicity. This should be ensured (BAT13) within a chemicals management system as part of EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). Outside the BAT Conclusions, the general text ($4.7.4) discusses the need to substitute certain brominated flame retardants, including in proposed criteria to select halogen-free FRs. Different families of FRs are discussed in this chapter to which pinfa is submitting comments. Your input is welcome.

Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the Textiles Industry, draft December 2019:
Comments can be submitted via by March 26th deadline, please.

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