Posted on 14/12/2023 in Regulatory 2023
European Fire Safety Manifesto 2024-2029

18 organisations, including pinfa, call for a comprehensive EU fire safety strategy from the next Parliament and Commission. The 6-page Manifesto aims to ensure fire safety for EU citizens in all types of building across Europe. Five thousand people are killed by fire in Europe annually. Challenges include outdated electrical systems and inadequate building safety measures, flammability of household equipment and consumer good and new risks from electrification and green buildings (PV, heat pumps, EV charging …). Ten strategic objectives are identified: strengthening of fire standards and testing, product market surveillance, standardise fire statistics across the EU, integrate fire safety into green building and energy policies, obligatory fire safety requirements, coordination of Member States’ actions (respecting subsidiarity), firefighter training and equipment, education & training, fire research, public awareness.

“European organisations unite to launch EU Fire SafetyManifesto for 2024-2029”, 21 November 2023

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