Posted on 16/11/2021 in Transport Fire Safety 2021
EV fires an opportunity for materials

IDTechEx market report points to new equipment needs for EVs and material and new demands for fire safe materials. The report analyses new system trends in EVs and related component and material opportunities. The analysis underlines the high cost and media impact of EV recalls related to battery fire risk: see GM Bolt recall above, but also Hyundai 100 000 EVs (recall cost 900 million US$), Ford (33 000 EVs, 400 million US$). Fast charging and increasing battery power accentuate fire risk, as do technology developments such as the move from Si IGBT power inverters for traction to SiC MOFSETs, with higher switching frequency, higher power density and so increased heat dissipation problems. At the same time, new EV fire safety regulations are being developed, as in China (see pinfa Newsletter n°120). These challenges offer opportunities for material suppliers of thermal interface materials, flame retardant materials and fire protection materials.

“EV Fires: A Disaster for Automakers, But an Opportunity for Material Suppliers, Reveals IDTechEx”, 10th August 2021

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