Posted on 04/04/2023 in Building & Construction 2023
Every Grenfell fire death was avoidable

Council to Grenfell Inquiry Phase 2 cites cladding material suppliers’ “cynical and possibly even dishonest practices”. Richard Millett, council to the Grenfell Tower fire official Inquiry has published a final statement summarising 400 days of evidence to Phase 2 of the Inquiry (summary of Phase 1 conclusions below). He suggested the Inquiry conclude “a long run-up of incompetence and poor practices in the construction industry and the fire engineering and architects’ profession; weak and incompetent building control; cynical and possibly even dishonest practices in the cladding and insulation materials manufacturing sector; incompetence, weakness and malpractice by those responsible for testing those materials; the failure of central government to act, despite known risks” (etc.).

Images: “web of blame”, Richard Millett, council to the Grenfell fire enquiry; wiki commons Carcharoth

The Council to the Grenfell Inquiry states his regret that every organisation involved, from the cladding materials manufacturers (Arconic, Kingspan, Celotex) to the UK Government, has tried to point their finger and blame someone else, citing Celotex who have said that their misleading description of a pivotal fire test was not ‘causative’ because the design team for the refurbishment failed to read it. The Inquiry Phase 2 panel will now conclude (report expected in coming months) concerning blame for the fire and the 72 deaths, and this is expected to be followed by penal actions.

“Grenfell Inquiry ‘able to conclude every death was avoidable’ as its lawyer slams ongoing ‘merry-go-round’ of buck-passing”, Inside Housing date 10 November 2022 LINK.

“Grenfell Tower Inquiry points to incompetence and ‘web of blame’”, PSJ 16 November 2022 LINK.


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