Posted on 14/02/2024 in Transport 2024
Experts say FR materials saved lives

Airbus and materials scientists say fire resistant composites saved lives of the 349 passengers in Tokyo plane crash. All passengers on the A350 escaped alive after the aircraft hit a small stationary plane on the runway during landing (see pinfa Newsletter n° 156). The A350 contains large amounts of polymer composites. Airbus is quoted as stating that the composites offer as much fire resistance as aluminium (which burns at 600°C). Emilie Greenhalgh, materials scientist at Imperial College London, says that although the composites can burn at lower temperature, they form a char layer which acts as a barrier against fire progression. This barrier is the result of non-halogenated PIN flame retardants, which prevent and reduce fire and reduce smoke emission.

“Plastic Fantastic: Composites: Tokyo air crash saviour?”, PlastEurope News, 12th January 2024

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