Posted on 30/10/2020 in Transport Fire Safety
FEEDS White Paper: new electrical fire risks

White Paper says electrical fires are increasing and points to new risks from PhotoVoltaics, ElectricVehicles, heat pumps and the ageing population. FEEDS (Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety) says there are over 270 000 fires of electrical origin in the EU, that is nearly one third of domestic fires, causing 1 to 2 000 deaths and over 6 billion € property damage yearly. Electrical fire risks are proliferating. An ageing population leads to new electrical installations, from chair lifts to safety alarms. Local photovoltaic electricity generation (PV) brings specific new risks, as do renewable energy installations (e.g. heat pump compressors) and electrical vehicle charging (EV). All these developments increase electrical circuit loads, accentuating risks, whereas most EU homes have electric installations more than 25 years old.

“White paper. Residential electrical safety. How to ensure progress”, Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety. March 2020.

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