Posted on 19/10/2022 in Fire Safety Recycling 2022
Finland lists problem FRs for recycling

Report for Business Finland lists 25 problematic or potentially problematic (under assessment) flame retardants, of which 21 are halogenated FRs and four are organophosphorus FRs : trixylyl phosphate (TXP), triphenyl phosphate (TPP = TPhP), tricresyl phosphate (TMPP), Isolpropylated triphenyl phosphate (IPTP). Perfluorinated substances (PFOA, PFHxS), phthalates and (especially) heavy metals are also identified as problematic. The report notes that additives are needed to provide special properties for plastics in electronics, but that restricted chemicals can prevent recycling, which means trying to avoid using chemicals now which might be restricted in the future. The report indicates that the most relevant emerging chemicals are the “substitute” brominated FRs, but also certain organophosphorus FRs “even though they are considered less persistent and less toxic in the environment than halogenated FRs.”

“Harmful additives in WEEE plastics and the regulatory framework”, P. Fjäder et al., SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute), for Business Finland ALL-IN for Plastics Recycling PLASTin project, ISBN 978-952-11-5507-9, report n°33, 2022

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