Posted on 30/01/2023 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety 2023
Fire challenges of tomorrow’s technologies

Fire expert Jürgen Troitzsch calls for materials fire safety standards for Internet of Things, e-mobility and electronics. Passive fire safety regulations and standards must be adapted to the new technologies and societal megatrends of the 21st century. Numbers of connected electronic devices are expected to grow to over 30 billion and e-vehicles and 2-wheelers to over 300 million by 2025. Fire statistics and produce recall sites show the fire dangers of such electrical equipment. Fire safety standards for electrical and electronic products and for vehicle interiors are too low and need to be tightened. This is the message from fire safety consultant Jürgen Troitzsch in an editorial in Brussels media Euractiv, based on review article published in the Journal of Fire Sciences.

“Electrical applications in IoT and e-vehicles: A fire safety challenge”, Euractiv, 15 November 2022

“Electrical applications in Internet of things and e-vehicles: Passive fire safety needs and solutions”, J. Troitzsch, J. Fire Sciences 2022

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