Posted on 13/02/2020 in Fire Safety 2020
Fire protecting the world’s biggest mall

Over one hundred tonnes of non-halogenated flame retardant coating provided by AUDAX-Keck, Germany, with local partner Padena Hoor, will ensure fire protection of the steel structural elements of the world’s biggest mall, the “Iran Mall”, currently under construction in North Tehran. The mall, of more than one million square metres surface, will house over 3 000 stores, two hotels, a spa, conference rooms, other facilities and car parking. The spray-on RENITHERM intumescent fire protective coatings used are LEED certified and non-halogenated. They expand 30-50 times in volume with heat, and provide protection against for two hours, conform to demanding building safety regulations. They are non-corrosive, smooth finish and available in a range of colours.

“Fire protective coatings in the world’s largest shopping mall”, IFP (International Fire Protection) Magazine September 2018

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